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First, information feedback
1. The after-sales service department is responsible for tracking the user information, keeping abreast of the customer's usage and maintaining close relationship with the customer.
2. For the product quality problems or product improvement opinions reflected by the customer, the business department will reflect the problem to the relevant departments of our company in the form of “customer complaint form”, and through research and analysis, formulate solutions and preventive measures, and deposit them into the company's quality file. And user profiles.
3. Register the customer's incoming call and respond to the customer's consulting content in a timely manner.
Second, the service
1. Special equipment customers When installing, the company will send service personnel to the site to install together to ensure that the installation is foolproof.
2. When the customer asks to send someone to the site to deal with the quality problem, the company service personnel will actively cooperate to solve the problem no matter which side of the problem.
3. In order to enable customers to maintain and use the equipment, the company will provide professional technical personnel to provide relevant technical training guidance according to customer needs.
Third, quality assurance
1. During the product warranty period, if the quality problem occurs, the company is responsible for solving it.
2. During the product warranty period, the company will be responsible for the abnormal replacement of products caused by the quality of the product manufacturing; outside the product warranty period, the product is damaged due to non-manufacturing quality, the company will actively deal with the problem, only charge the cost cost.
Fourth, mutual cooperation and mutual benefit.



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